Bounty Star: Once Upon a Mecha in the West – News

Announced for 2023 on PlayStation, Xbox and Steam as well as in Game Pass subscription, this 3D action game with an over-the-shoulder view puts us in control of Clementine McKinney, or rather her mecha, the Desert Raptor MKII. As a soldier tormented by a guilty past, Clem now does what she can to recover in the Red Expanse, a “post-post-apo” reimagining of the American Southwest.

With an isolated and derelict garage as a base of operations and home, this very tough spinster can only rely on herself to customize her trusty combat vehicle, craft her own ammo and even fuel. The protagonist must also meet her own food, water, and energy needs through livestock and crops. In short, the meeting between Armored Core and Story of Seasons that we didn’t deserve.

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