Cygames Acquires Metal Max Franchise – News

The press release confirms that all rights related to the management of the Metal Max license have been transferred to Cygames, which is committed to creating “a new future” for this franchise that has never really been able to shed its gaming status, which has been caused by the questionable quality not supported by Metal Max Xeno, its latest chapter. Hiroshi Miyaoka, the main creator of Metal Max, will also join Cygames to continue watching over the series.

“As Director at Cygames, I, Hiroshi Miyaoka, will be working on reviving the Metal Max series. We’re currently in the crazy ideas phase, but I hope the series will be reborn in a way that not only pleases the fans from Metal Max, but also the heart of RPG lovers all over the world”, commented the interested party, who can hope for further funds from Cygames. For his part, producer Kenichiro Takaki confirms that the idea is to create a new episode on consoles.

Metal Max Xeno was the brainchild of Kadokawa Games, whose team recently founded the Dragami Games studio. The latter had already received a number of licenses from Kadokawa, including Lollipop Chainsaw, Demon Gaze, Natural Doctrine, God Wars, The Lost Child, Root Letter, Root Film, LoveR and Relayer. The ease with which Kadokawa is parting with its video game licenses, niche as they are, has something to do with the strategy of the Japanese company, which remains owned by FromSoftware and Spike Chunsoft. The quarterly report that the group has just published provides the answers.

By the looks of it, Kadokawa’s video game business is living its best life thanks to the colossal success of the Elden Ring. But apart from its jewel FromSoftware, which doesn’t release a game every year, Kadokawa still counts on Spike Chunsoft, which will soon release the video game Made in Abyss. Indeed, Kadokawa’s strategy seems to be to focus on video game adaptations of licenses from its manga and series catalogue. He also recently released the modest Metroidvania Overlord: Escape From Nazarick. In short, rather than original creations, we should expect works like Mushoku Tensei and The Rising of Shield Hero to appear.

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