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| Outer Wilderness |

Since we are talking about the Mobius Digital time warp, considered a masterpiece among its followers that we attended, it will offer a new round of the track on September 15th on Xbox Series and PS5. With the bonus of the 60fps guarantee and a free update from the PS4 and Xbox One versions for those who have already seen the stars.

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Another must-have, Solar Ash will be coming to Xbox One and the Xbox Series starting this winter after making a name for itself on the Epic Games Store and PlayStation consoles last December. The latest project from the creators of Hyper Light Drifter will also go via the Steam box, but also and above all via the Game Pass.

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| The Wayless |

Action-adventure game The Pathless, known for being part of launch games on PS5, will share its flow with a release later this winter on Xbox Series, Xbox One and Switch in hopes that the Port remains just as fluid to overlook plains and forests grace.

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| model |

Maquette and his recursive puzzles are also eligible for translation on Xbox One, Xbox Series and Switch. Released in March 2021, with a presence in PlayStation Plus to ensure maximum visibility, the original game suffered from somewhat rough gameplay despite fairly satisfying scaling changes.

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| What Remains of Edith Finch |

Finally, a final word on What Remains of Edith Finch, not content with affording a shadow cast, but finally accessing the sacrosanct 4K 60 fps on new generation consoles. Which you can easily enjoy in this interactive family tree, with ramifications each more disturbing than the last.

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