Forever Ago: Yes, this country is for the old man – Actu

On its way to becoming its own subgenre in the large family of narrative games (Road 96, Hitchhiker, Open Roads, Dustborn), the road trip here serves as support for the story of Alfred, an elderly man who embarks on a journey aboard his trusty van with his dog (whom we can pet) as the only companion.

As he watches the varied landscapes of North America go by, Alfred actually remembers a trip he had taken with his wife long before. In the course of the encounters and panoramas, the player learns a little more about Alfred, who has made it his task to document his journey with his device and to solve small puzzles integrated into the environment.

“Experience a story full of nuance and emotion that speaks of broken dreams, loss and regret… but also courage, hope and friendship. Explore landscapes of haunting beauty, tranquil lakes amidst the forest, or arid lands parched by the desert sun,” reads the game’s map, which is currently only announced on Steam.

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