Genshin Impact: Sumeru and Its Culture More and More Revealed – News

This new video is no longer content to show us the nature of this region, shared between jungle and desert as a memory, but also takes us to some villages and hamlets that await us in this nation, accompanied as a memory by the 7th element, dendro.

Turning to history, we learn that Sumerian adults are largely unable to dream, a difference generally felt to be a source of pride in the eyes of this wise and pragmatic society for which knowledge seems to be the greatest wealth. We’re also introduced to the Hermits, a lonely clan descended from an ancient desert civilization not dependent on any particular nation.

Finally, the team gives us a look at some of Sumeru’s key characters, some of which like Tighnari are already guaranteed playable. And we have a feeling he won’t be the only one wreaking havoc at gacha time.

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