Herd: If Shepherds Could Fly – News

Somewhere between Flower, Sky and Katamari Damacy, this particularly adorable, fluffy, artistically crafted co-operative game relies on the joy of flight as it traverses the landscapes to collect its own flock of increasingly rare creatures. Players embody flying shepherds who must charm animals that are more or less identifiable and elusive, but never very evil.

“You start with a small flock of high-flying sheep, raise them and fly them to green, wild pastures. Along the way you will discover the mysteries of the beautiful highlands and their wild creatures. There’s even talk of using the wool produced by the sheep to knit clothes, just to make the game even cozier. Likewise, the multiplayer dimension seems to be based on opportunities for sharing rather than competition.

Flock will be available for PlayStation, Xbox and PC at an undetermined date. The game will also be available in Game Pass subscription on the day of its release.

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