Primera B

In this league Primera B are playing, such noteworthy teams as: Orsomarso SC, Llaneros FC, Atletico FC, Fortaleza FC, Boca Juniors de Cali, Barranquilla FC, Itagui Leones FC, Valledupar FC, CD Real San Andres, Tigres FC, Bogota FC, CD Cortulua, Real Cartagena FC, Deportes Quindio, CS Deportivo Pereira, Boyaca Chico FC.

In PB 2019 the date of the beginning of the season is 2 February. The finish of this league is 25 December.

In present season of PB 2019 the games are gonna take a place at the stadiums, like: _stadiums

Well, this is really exciting to know who will be named the most lucky team in present season of Primera B. Who will achieve the status of player with the biggest amount of goals in present season? We are gonna discuss these and more things, so all what you need you can find here. But for now, we and you, football lovers can only predict the results.

Primera B Table

  • Fortaleza FC

    Valledupar FC
  • Barranquilla FC

    Tigres FC
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