Primera Division

And, this is Primera Division again! In coming season will participate without a doubt hot squads, such as:

Pirata FC, Alianza Universidad de Huanuco, Escuela Municipal Deportivo Binacional, Carlos Mannucci, Academia Cantolao, UTC de Cajamarca, Real Garcilaso, Union Comercio, Sport Huancayo, Ayacucho FC, CC Deportivo Municipal, CD USMP, Universidad Cesar Vallejo, Sport Boys Association, Alianza Lima, FBC Melgar, Universitario de Deportes, Sporting Cristal are teams, that will play in present league, called Primera Division. In PD 2019 the date of the beginning of the season is 15 February. The finish of this league is 31 December.

In present season of PD 2019 the games will be played at the stadiums, like: _stadiums

Well, this is really interesting to know who will be the most interesting team in present season of Primera Division. Who will achieve the status of the best goalkeeper in this season? We are gonna show these and more things, so all what you need you can find out here. But for now, we and you, fans of football can only predict the results.

Primera Division Table

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