Project L: The League of Legends fighting game confirms it will be free to play – News

Given Riot Games’ history, it’s not surprising that we can now say that this 2D fighting game featuring popular League of Legends characters will be based on a free-to-play model. The latter is certainly not the standard when it comes to fighting games, but seems to be working for Warner Bros. MultiVersus for the time being. Games, to give a very recent example. “We want you to be able to play anywhere, regardless of your skill level or how much money you can invest in a game. When it comes to monetization, we promise to respect both your time and your wallet,” assures Tom Kanone.

This video offers a new look at a system that opts for 2v2 clashes with the ability to include your partner in support. “We’re in the process of shaping the basic mechanics and a lot of people are already working on the champions or on other elements like the competitive approach or the social aspect,” explains the producer, while pointing out how fluid and orderly it is already. not as artistically impressive as an animated series like Arcane (note that the game is still a long way from its release).

This intervention also adds a character to the initial selection of Project L fighters, it is the imposing Illaoi, the prophetess of the Great Kraken, who fights with the blessing of the God of the Serpent Isles. Appearing in League of Legends almost seven years ago, this tank with an original fighting style (it fights with a large pumpkin-shaped totem and magical tentacles) is the subject of a detailed article on its design. Finally, Tom Cannon promises to return later this year to give a new update on the game’s development.

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