Sony has sold 21.7 million PS5s as of June 30, 2022 – News

When the Sony group as a whole posts higher results, it’s not usual as video games aren’t necessarily their undeniable locomotive, at least not in terms of profits, which at PlayStation are down sharply by 37% year-on-year, mainly due to lower ones Game sales and higher development costs, despite a slight improvement in console sales. It must be said that spring has not been particularly lively in terms of major releases, which is particularly noticeable with physical sales bordering on extinction.

Results of Sony Interactive EntertainmentPeriodRevenueOperating profitNet profitApril 2021 – June 20214.5 billion euros612.7 million-April 2022 – June 20224.4 billion euros388.4 million euros-

Specifically, 47.1 million PlayStation games were sold between April and June 2022, including 6.4 million PlayStation Studios games. This is significantly less than in the same quarter of the previous year (63.6 million games, including 10.5 million PlayStation Studios games). Significantly, the digital rate hit 79%, a reflection of physical sales that continue to decline. Over the three-month period, boxed game sales represent only €122 million, compared to €743 million for dematerialized sales and €1.36 billion for in-game purchases (free-to-play, additional content, expansions ).

The only category to see growth compared to last year is subscriptions, worth €784 million. However, the launch of the new PlayStation Plus formulas has not yet impacted the subscriber base, which was 47.3 million at the end of June (the record remains at 48 million). Sony also recorded 102 million active users at the end of June, up from 106 million users at the end of March. Sony regrets this drop in engagement, due in particular to the disappearance of hygiene measures in the main markets.

PS5: The comeback will wait

In terms of games and subscriptions, therefore, the growth is clearly non-existent at the moment, but what about the development of the installed base of the PS5? Between April and June 2022, Sony therefore distributed (and sold) 2.4 million PS5s, which is slightly better than last year (2.3 million) but not as many as the manufacturer had hoped to produce. As a result, the PS5 falls behind the PS4, which was 2.9 million at the same stage of its existence. Keep in mind that Sony aims to sell 18 million PS5s over the course of the fiscal year, so it needs to release at least another 15.6 million machines from its factories between July 2022 and March 2023.

As of June 30, 2022, there are 21.7 million PS5s worldwide, compared to 25.3 million PS4s at the same stage, a difference of 3.6 million. Speaking of PS4, a page has finally turned since Sony stopped communicating sales figures. The console’s closing tally will therefore remain at “over 117 million” in the company’s public records as of March 31, 2022. Thanks for everything, sweetie.

For the full fiscal year, PlayStation lowered some targets due to the Bungie acquisition closing much sooner than expected. PlayStation expects record annual sales of €26.6 billion and operating profit of €1.8 billion. The manufacturer initially expected a profit of 2.2 billion euros, but now takes into account the costs incurred by the integration of Bungie and other factors (unfavorable exchange rates, decline in sales of third-party games and in-game purchases).

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