Sony puts its name on a mobile accessory with the Backbone One PlayStation Edition – News

The product has therefore been conceived to best reproduce the design and characteristics of the PS5 and its emblematic controller: lots of white and a few touches of black, curved lines, transparent buttons. The official license is responsible for bringing the traditional circle, square, triangle and cross, as well as part of the iconography of the model controller. The idea, of course, is to integrate this Backbone One PlayStation Edition as much as possible with the range of accessories already available.

However, this new production will only work with iOS, since the announcement of Android controllers on the backbone side is very recent, it is difficult to know if this version will claim a Google version. The manufacturer indicates that it will obviously be compatible with other games from the App Store and other streaming services, and will work like its sisters thanks to the phone’s battery. It is already available in France and will cost you 120 of your best euros.

For Sony, in particular, this is the opportunity to introduce a little the Remote Play function embedded in the PS4 and PS5 consoles, which allows the games of the two machines to be streamed on mobile phones. A feature that was slowly gathering dust in the Japanese communications cabinet.

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