The Xenoblade Chronicles 3 expansion should have the same volume as Torna – News

Recall that the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 expansion will be the main piece of the expansion pass and its release is expected somewhere in 2023. “We will add a new story at the end of the expansion pass and we are considering making their volume content as extensive as Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna – The Golden Country. We hope that those who liked this content, as well as newcomers, will take it. It’s quite a large amount of content that shouldn’t disappoint,” said Genki Yokota, producer at Nintendo.

This confirmation comes from the conclusion of an interview with the main designers of the game that has just been published on the Nintendo website. In the exchange, director Koh Kojima also revealed that the total area that the player can explore on foot in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is more than five times larger than in Xenoblade Chronicles 2, which even had the gift of surprising the subject. Hence the interest in having added an optional guide feature that clearly shows the player the path according to the quest they have selected, a bit like Xenoblade Chronicles X’s Pathfinder Ball but more practical.

Another confirmation that emerges from this interview, although Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is presented by its creative director Tetsuya Takahashi as the culmination of this franchise that Monolith Soft has been working on for 15 years, at the moment the producer Genki Yokota does not hesitate to confirm that this opus by no means marked the end of the journey. “Yes, the series continues! I want it to go on as long as possible!” he proclaims like a man.

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